Our consultants have extensive experience conducting research in the lab and field using a variety of outcomes (physiological, behavioral, performance, self-report) and statistical modeling techniques. We can help from the earliest phases of research design to the analysis, write-up, and publication of results.

We are skilled in the grant funding process, having served as principal investigators and consultants on grants from National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, the American Automobile Association, the Spencer Foundation, and the Russell Sage Foundation. We can help prepare grants for submission, including power analyses to determine optimal sample size, and be your data analysis partner for funded projects.

Social Science

Our social science experience is broad including projects in psychology, sociology, the decision sciences, political science, social work, and economics. Past projects include experimental work in risk and uncertainty communication, psychological scale development using Rasch analysis, and multilevel analysis of everyday social interaction experiences.


We have a strong background in basic and clinical health research. Past work has included latent growth models of health outcomes across time, multilevel analysis of a cluster-randomized smoking cessation program, and experimental research prospectively investigating the effects of a psychological intervention on body mass.


We are well-versed in educational research, having worked on a number of large-scale projects. These include a school-based intervention in one of the largest districts in the United States, a double-blind psychological intervention aimed at reducing the racial achievement gap, and a study of individual differences in physiological measures of stress in a STEM college course.

Biological Science

We have worked with researchers in physical (biological) anthropology, exercise and movement science, and biology. Projects include clustering primate species based on cranial measurements, a comparative analysis of different techniques for blood pressure assessment, and an experimental evaluation of the effects of different kinds of muscle stimulation on athletic performance.

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